The loft, a comfortable living space

Do you live in a house or in a flat, on the top floor, with an unarranged attic and would you need more space? A loft conversion could be an optimal solution for you. Whether it’s a new bedroom, a children’s playroom, a work space or other utilities, an attic can be an ideal additional living space.

What you need to know about the loft?

In older constructions, the concept of the attic did not exist. The houses or flats were built with an uninhabitable attic, usually used only as storage space. A dark and dusty space. Over time, other utilities have been found for this space. Currently many new constructions are made with habitable attic. Redevelopments of older attics are increasingly being used as an alternative to obtain additional living space.

What is a habitable loft?

The attic is a living space located above the highest ceiling of the building. It is distinguished from an uninhabited bridge by a series of rules that living spaces must meet. An uninhabited attic should not be insulated, it is the space for the structure and ventilation of the roof, it should not be heated, lit or finished. The attic must meet certain safety standards and have adequate thermal insulation to be a safe and comfortable living space. The structure of the ceiling over which the attic is located must withstand the loads given by the partitions, the furniture or equipment that will be placed there, but also the structure of the roof and the loads given by the additional insulation. The attic should be separated from the roof structure by fireproof walls. Not all older buildings meet the requirements mentioned above, therefore it is not possible to transform any attic into a habitable attic. This should be considered in conjunction with specialists.

Insulation, heating and ventilation must be considered for all future rooms in the attic. The necessary utilities in the new living space must be provided, depending on the role it will play: electricity, running water, gas, as appropriate. Access to daylight is also important for ensuring a comfortable space. For this purpose there are several variants of attic windows available in the market.

It is preferable that the height of the rooms in the attic be similar to that of the rest of the levels. For a comfortable interior, used all day, the average height of the room can not be less than 2.2 m. The space for the stairs leading to the attic must also be taken into account. These stairs cannot be foldable, quite common variants in the case of access to an uninhabited bridge, they must be solid and properly sized stairs to ensure easy access to the new living space.

Loft insulation

A very important aspect in arranging a living space in the attic is a good thermal insulation. In this way we will have optimal temperatures, without high energy consumption, both during cold winters and hot summers. There are several alternatives on the market for insulating materials that can be used. Analyze the characteristics of each one, talk to the specialists and choose the most suitable option for you.

With a little creativity, the living space in the attic can become a special place, tastefully decorated, useful and comfortable for you and your family.