Are you in the project phase? See what roof is right for your home!

The roof of our house is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when building and / or renovating a house. There are many options available; in addition to a variety of architectural models, different materials are used, some more durable than others.

We have chosen 5 types of roof that we will analyze, together with the things that you should consider before deciding which of them you want for your house.

Triangular roof

You can easily notice this type of roof and recognize its triangular shape. It is a popular and classic choice for many. Their design is quite simple, in the form of a triangle, with two side slopes for water or snow. It gives more height to an attic, if you have one.

A triangular roof can be covered with almost any type of roofing material, such as: asphalt shingles, concrete or metal.

The roof is affordable, but can cause problems in areas prone to strong winds or storms and would need additional support.

Pyramidal roof

A pyramidal roof is similar to an arboricular roof that has a pyramid-shaped top, but has slopes on all four sides, making it more stable than one with two-sided slopes.
Its design is more complex, making it more expensive, but at a reasonable price.

Houses and buildings in hot climates and hot summers can benefit from pyramidal roofs, because their high height keeps the interiors cold.

Curved roof

If you are looking for a more modern roof you can opt for the curved roof.

They give a modern look and actually make the interior of the house cool. The cost may depend on how curved you want it to be.

Flat roof

As the name suggests, the roof is quite flat, but has a water drain. However, after heavy rains, water lakes can appear, so it is not recommended if your house is prone to heavy rains.

The advantage of a flat roof is that the roof can have multiple purposes. You can use it as an extended area by installing a roof terrace, or use it for planting various plants.

They also offer more space for water tanks or if you want to use solar panels.

Inclined roof – Skillion type

If you want a minimalist design on a roof, consider this roof that has only a steep slope.

These are also called single-sloped roofs. The look is modern, but it can be expensive. However, the cost is also determined by other factors, such as the roofing material to be used.

Evaluate the overall appearance of the exterior

Perhaps you already have a preferred roof, but that does not mean it will fit appearance outside the house, your office or building. If the house has an older, colonial exterior style, a curved roof, for example, will probably not fit.

There are several options you need to consider to get the perfect roof.